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centre court £8.00 

our wimbledon inspired cocktail – long and refreshing with vodka, elderflower, fresh strawberries and ginger ale


lemongrass and lychee fizz £7.50

lychee and lemongrass liqueur, a hint of grapefruit topped with prosecco – an elegant albert’s sparkler

passionfruit mojito £8.50

everyone’s favourite summer cocktail, bacardi and fresh mint with added passionfruit punch

pornstar martini £7.50

vanilla vodka, pineapple juice and passionfruit liqueur served with a chilled shot of prosecco

french fancy £7.50

grey goose vodka sweetened with pineapple, strawberry, vanilla syrup and almond – one for the girls!

rhubarb and vanilla rickey £8.00

bombay sapphire gin with rhubarb liqueur and vanilla syrup. the perfect tall, refreshing, summer cocktail

frosé cup £8.50

rosé wine shaken over ice with finlandia vodka and strawberry pureé – you have to try this one!


espresso martini £8.00

finlandia vodka, kaluha and vanilla syrup are mixed with espresso to create this intense, late night pick-me-up!

peanut butter flip £8.00

creamy and nutty with jack daniels whiskey and crushed honeycomb pecans (contains egg to make it extra creamy)

salted caramel martini £8.00

a combination of rum, caramel and salt shaken together to create a rich and creamy delight topped with crumbled amaretti biscuits. perfect for an after dinner treat


cucumber cooler £3.50

cucumber, cranberry, elderflower and lemon juice topped up with lemonade

summer berry sling £3.50

raspberry, cranberry and elderflower over crushed ice, topped with apple juice

refresher £3.50

orange and apple juice shaken with raspberries and lime

raspberry and mint fizz £4.50

blended sweet raspberries and muddled fresh mint, topped with soda and fresh lemon juice



carlsberg  3.8%    £3.90

san miguel 5.0%  £4.40

guiness 4.1% £5.00

peroni  5.0%    £5.20

albert’s brew       £4.00



becks  £3.60

peroni  £4.20

adnams mosaic  £4.60

san miguel fresca  £5.00

brewdog punk ipa  £5.60

paulaner wheat beer £4.40

pilsner urquell £4.50

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